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Enhanced recovery and same-day discharge after brain tumor surgery under general anesthesia: initial experience with Hospital-at-Home-based postoperative follow-up

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Cost and Utilization Outcomes in Huntsman at Home, a Novel Oncology Hospital at Home Program

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Feasibility of a Hospital-at-Home Program for Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

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Post-Autologous Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Care in the “Home Sweet Home” Setting: A Treatment Paradigm Shift

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Barriers and facilitators in the implementation of a telemedicine-based outpatient brain tumor surgery program

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Telemedicine allows for effective communication between a medically complex cancer patient and his virtual hospital medical team

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Proposal for a general framework for the administration of anticancer immunotherapy in a hospital-at-home care

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Supportive oncology care at home interventions: protocols for clinical trials to shift the paradigm of care for patients with cancer

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Treatment for multiple myeloma in hospital at home: clinical characteristics and patient care pathways

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Oncology hospital at home in rural communities: The Huntsman at Home rural experience

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Evaluation of Oncology Hospital at Home: Unplanned Health Care Utilization and Costs in the Huntsman at Home Real-World Trial

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COVID‐19 outbreak: An experience to reappraise the role of hospital at home in the anti‐cancer drug injection

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Hospital nurses’ experiences of assessing health status changes in stem-cell transplanted patients in home care: A qualitative study

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Huntsman at Home, an Oncology Hospital at Home Program

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Impacts on health outcomes and on resources utilization for anticancer drugs injection at home, a complex intervention: a systematic review

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Implementation of a hospital-at-home (HAH) unit for hematological patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: safety and feasibility

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Management of patients with multiple myeloma in the era of COVID-19 pandemic: how hospital at home changes our medical practice

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The oncology hospital at home: Health care utilization outcomes from the huntsman at home trial

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The Oncology Hospital at Home

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