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About the Users Group

A Dynamic Collaborative

Hospitalization can be hazardous for some patients, and particularly older patients with multiple chronic conditions. Hospital at Home makes acute hospital-level care available to older adults in their homes and apartments, rather than in a traditional hospital setting. In North America, with the support of private foundations and health care systems, Hospital at Home programs, configured in a variety of ways, have been shown to improve care, increase patient and caregiver satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Interest in Hospital at Home has expanded recently due to increasing penetration of Medicare managed care, the development and spread of accountable care organizations (ACOs), and a shift in focus among some health systems towards value-based care, population health, and community-based care. The COVID-19 pandemic has also encouraged hospitals and health systems to consider home-based alternatives to care.

Seeking to capitalize on these trends, the Hospital at Home Users Group™ is a dynamic collaborative of Hospital at Home programs around the United States and Canada. We are sharing resources and best practices, working together to expand the reach of our programs, and developing the program and policy standards to inform regulatory and reimbursement policies necessary to spread this hopeful model broadly throughout North America.

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