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Councils are a key part of the Users Group’s efforts to advance the field of acute care at home. These entities support the development and improvement of Hospital at Home programs, create a supportive policy environment, and address key issues in the field.  

There are currently four councils:  

  • Payment and Regulatory
    This open group provides expertise on policy-based issues, meets regularly with Healthsperien, and fosters relationships between the HaH Users Group and health system government affairs officers.
    Led by Drs. Linda DeCherrie, Pippa Shulman, and Al Siu.
  • Program Standards
    This council is concerned with the development and distribution of program standards. Currently, they are conducting a nationwide program standards survey and developing a manuscript to be shared with HaH programs, CMS and other key stakeholders.
    Led by Drs. Bruce Leff, David Levine, and Stephanie Murphy. 
  • Quality Indicators
    This group is building a Minimum Data Set of patient and safety data for Hospital at Home programs. The council is engaging with member program sites to join the national data collection effort, and its members will assist with analyzing data and writing up the abstract/manuscript.
    Led by Drs. Linda DeCherrie, Ana Tuya Fulton, Constantinos Michaelidis, and David Levine. 
  • Technology
    This group provides thought leadership on how to best develop and employ technology to deliver the highest quality and most efficient hospital at home care. The council’s efforts– guided by an overarching focus of advancing tech equity–include developing technology guidelines in key areas and working with industry and academia to develop HaH-specific products/services to expand the model’s scope.
    Led by Drs. Jared Conley and David Levine.

Want to create a new council? 

First, fill out this application and submit it to with the subject line “New Council Proposal”. The application will be reviewed by the Users Group leadership and applicants will be notified of the approval status within four weeks of submission. 

Next steps will depend on whether it is an open or closed group. If closed, the new council leaders will work with the Users Group to staff the group. A call for applications will be put out to the community, followed by a review of the submissions by the council leaders.  

If you have any questions, please email us at

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