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Patient and Caregiver Perceptions

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Chua CMS, 2022
Perceptions of Stakeholders Toward “Hospital at Home” Program in Singapore: A Descriptive Qualitative Study

Ko SQ, 2022
Treating acutely ill patients at home: Data from Singapore

Anne Tumlinson, 2022
What I Learned From My Family’s Home Health Experience

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Is Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Admission Avoidance Hospital at Home an Alternative to Hospital Admission for Older Persons? : A Randomized Trial

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Perceptions of Hospital-at-Home Among Stakeholders: a Meta-synthesis

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Predictors and Reasons Why Patients Decline to Participate in Home Hospital: a Mixed Methods Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial

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Rural Perceptions of Acute Care at Home: A Qualitative Analysis

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Patient preference for cellulitis treatment: At-home care is preferred to hospital-based treatment

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The work of older people and their informal caregivers in managing an acute health event in a hospital at home or hospital inpatient setting

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Patients’ and caregivers’ perspectives on factors that influence understanding of and adherence to hospital discharge instructions: a qualitative study

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The experience of patients and family caregivers during hospital-at-home in France

Dismore, 2019
What are the positive drivers and potential barriers to implementation of hospital at home selected by low-risk DECAF score in the UK: a qualitative study embedded within a randomised controlled trial

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Patient perceptions of integrated care and their relationship to utilization of emergency, inpatient and outpatient services

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The Effect of Hospital Isolation Precautions on Patient Outcomes and Cost of Care: A Multi-Site, Retrospective, Propensity Score-Matched Cohort Study

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Scalable hospital at home with virtual physician visits: pilot study

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Patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease feel safe when treated at home: a qualitative study

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Satisfaction with hospital at home care

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Randomised controlled trial of intravenous antibiotic treatment for cellulitis at home compared with hospital

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Patient and carer satisfaction with “hospital at home”: quantitative and qualitative results from a randomised controlled trial

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Rehabilitation in the home versus the hospital: the importance of context

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Patients’ and Carers’ Satisfaction with Hospital-in-the-Home Care

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