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Technology and Telemedicine

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Sharabi A, 2023
Six-Lead Electrocardiography Enables Identification of Rhythm and Conduction Anomalies of Patients in the Telemedicine-Based, Hospital-at-Home Setting: A Prospective Validation Study

Magor D, 2023
Interpretation of Heart and Lungs Sounds Acquired via Remote, Digital Auscultation Reached Fair-to-Substantial Levels of Consensus among Specialist Physicians

Whitehead D, 2023
The Next Frontier of Remote Patient Monitoring: Hospital at Home

Denecke, K, 2023
Digital health as an enabler for hospital@home: A rising trend or just a vision?

Ko, SQ, 2023
Technology-enabled virtual ward for COVID management of the elderly and immunocompromised in Singapore: a descriptive cohort

Zawada SK, 2023
Staff Successes and Challenges with Telecommunications-Facilitated Patient Care in Hybrid Hospital-at-Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Paulson M, 2023
Implementation of a virtual and in-person hybrid hospital-at-home model in two geographically separate regions utilizing a single command center: a descriptive cohort study

Zahradka N, 2022
Assessment of Remote Vital Sign Monitoring and Alarms in a Real-World Healthcare at Home Dataset

Paulson, MR, 2022
Telemedicine allows for effective communication between a medically complex cancer patient and his virtual hospital medical team

Biggerstaff S, 2022
POCUS at home: Point‐of‐care ultrasound for the home hospitalist

Conley, 2022
Technology-enabled Hospital at Home: Innovation for Acute Care at Home

Levine DM, 2022
Remote vs In-home Physician Visits for Hospital-Level Care at Home: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Marinello R, 2021
Telemedicine-assisted care of an older patient with COVID-19 and dementia: bridging the gap between hospital and home

Ilowite, 2021
Digital Health Technology and Telemedicine-Based Hospital and Home Programs in Pulmonary Medicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Summerfelt, 2015
Scalable hospital at home with virtual physician visits: pilot study

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