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Recorded February 1, 2022

Recruiting and deploying the right kinds of people to effectively oversee, deliver, and evaluate care is critical to any hospital at home program. The special nature of the hospital at home model requires staff with a high degree of independence for working outside of the brick-and-mortar hospital, flexibility in the face of ambiguity, and attentiveness to patient needs. As such, not all clinicians are fit for delivering home-based acute care. Questions about utilizing providers and services from external vendors also must be addressed strategically in any hospital at home program.

In this webinar, hospital at home experts and Brigham Home Hospital leaders David M. Levine, MD, MPH, MA, and Robert B. Boxer, MD, PhD, address the issues crucial to successfully staffing your hospital at home program.


Bruce Leff, MD
Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


David M. Levine, MD, MPH, MA
Medical Director of Strategy and Innovation
Brigham Health Home Hospital
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Robert B. Boxer, MD, PhD
Medical Director of Clinical Operations
Brigham Health Home Hospital
Instructor, Harvard Medical School

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For more resources, please visit our Technical Assistance Center to browse our free library of tools on staffing and hospital at home implementation at large.

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