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Nurse caring for elderly woman in her home

Name of the program| Complex Care Hub

Health system| Alberta Health Services

When established| 2018

Core services| Daily care and monitoring by “Care Team” comprised of community paramedic, nurse navigator, and overseen by general internist; Skype consultation with MD; Lab work and tests at home; Care team coordinates complementary services and directs patients to community health resources.

Population served| Predominantly geriatric, but also younger internal medicine patients requiring expedited workups/interventions.

Area served| Calgary

Outcomes or successes| From February 2018 to April 2019 CCH provided approximately 1150 acute care days.

Unique feature| Home visits are mainly performed by community paramedics.

Leadership| Dr. Michelle Grinman, MD

Web site|

Media coverage| CTV NEWS

Contact information| Office of the President and CEO of AHS:; Tel: 780-342-2000

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