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Name of the program| Hospital at Home

Health system| Atrium Health

When established| 2020

Enrollment milestones| >3,300 patients since March 2020, saving 11,000 hospital bed days

Core services| Hospital-level care at home

Image credits: Atrium Health. Photo selected as winner of the 2021 Hospital at Home Users Group Annual Meeting Photo & Video Contest. 

Population served| Adults meeting clinical, SDOH, and geographic eligibility

Area served| Charlotte, NC area and surrounding 8 counties; approximately a 40-mile radius

Outcomes or successes| Annals of Internal Medicine (2 publications); JONA publication; Awarded 2 research grants to study patient selection

Unique feature| Entire care team and support services are internal to Atrium. Utilize MIH for in-home care. Incorporating IM & FM residency programs

Leadership| Colleen Hole, VP; Stephanie Murphy, DO.

Web site| NA

Media coverage| WCNC Charlotte, Atrium Health News, Health Leaders Media

Public resources| None

Contact information|

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