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Name of the program| Home Hospital

Health system| Brigham Health

When established| 2016

Enrollment milestones| ~300 patients per year

Core services| Acute care at home

Image credits: Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Submitted during the 2021 Hospital at Home Users Group Annual Meeting Photo & Video Contest.

Population served| Adults 18 years and older that that meet clinical and operational guidelines

Area served| Boston and surrounding area

Outcomes or successes| 2016 pilot randomized controlled trial and 2019 larger randomized controlled trial, co-authored by David Levine, MD, MPH, MA (see Leadership), found that the cost of treatment for a group of Home Hospital patients was lower than a control group of in-hospital patients. Compared to the in-hospital patients, the Home Hospital patients tended to be more physically active and less frequently readmitted to the hospital.

Unique feature| Members of Brigham’s Home Hospital team train in medical simulation scenarios specially designed for Home Hospital practitioners. These were scenarios that Home Hospital practitioners would encounter providing care at home versus the controlled environment of a hospital. See: BWH bulletin

Leadership| David Levine, MD, MPH, MA; Robert Boxer, MD, PhD; and Elizabeth Friary

Web site|

Media coverage| CBS News, NBC News, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Boston 25 News, Annals of Internal Medicine

Public resources| None

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