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Name of the program| Castell-Intermountain

Health system| Castell-Intermountain

When established| 2020

Enrollment milestones|
100th patient on 1/3/21
150th patient on 3/15/21

Core services|
a. Tele-provider rounding
b. Tele-nursing 24-7
c. RPM & monitoring 24-7
d. Home care lab, pharmacy, therapies
e. Home health nursing
f. DME

Population served|
Select Health risk patients

Patient Population/Admission Sources:
ONC Specialty clinic
ED Diversion
Inpatient Early discharge

Area served| State of Utah

Outcomes or successes| Measuring 30 day and 90 day ED visit and Hospital readmissions

Unique feature| Integrated Health System with: payer, facilities, hospitals, tele-resources, home health company which have made this more doable.

We use an outpatient model focused on Value based care and providing the right level of care in the home vs. inpatient waiver moving all care provided in a hospital to the home.

Leadership| Nathan Starr, DO & Christine Lipson, RN


Media coverage| Founding member of Moving Health Home Alliance

Public resources| We utilize Intermountain internal marking and communications team

Contact information| and

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