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Name of the program| Home Based Acute Care

Health system| HealthPartners

When established| Sept 2019

Core services| Acute care at home

Population served| Adults age 18 or older who meet clinical guidelines

Area served| Twin Cities Metro area

Outcomes or successes| Rapid adaptation of our hospitalist practice has allowed for the care of acutely ill adults in their homes in lieu of hospitalization, thereby increasing hospital bed capacity and saving PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unique feature| The care model includes a partnership between community paramedics and on-call hospitalists, who are available for telehealth visits in real time with community paramedics in patients’ homes or for an in-person visit when needed. Home Based Acute Care utilizes the existing triage process in a traditional hospitalist practice at a busy urban hospital to identify and enroll patients, as well as provide medical management via telehealth. We also partner with a community-based palliative care team to provide advanced care planning in patient homes during acute illness.

Leadership| Chrisanne Timpe, MD and Tia Radant, CP Program Director

Contact information| Chrisanne Timpe — or Danielle Hermes —

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