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Name of the program| Hospital at Home

Health system| Island Health (Victoria)

When established| 2020

Enrollment milestones| After the first 6 months, 150 patients enrolled. Average length of stay is 5 days.

Core services| Early discharge HaH, taking patients from both the Victoria General Hospital and the Royal Jubilee Hospital. Hospitalist physician, acute care nursing, clinical pharmacist.

Population served| Consenting adults age 19 and older that meet the eligibility criteria.

Area served| The southern tip of Vancouver Island. The catchment area is a 20 minute driving time from Victoria General Hospital or Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Outcomes or successes| Initial post-discharge satisfaction surveys show that 100% of patients would “definitely” recommend HaH to their friends or family, and 93% of patients felt “completely safe.”

Unique feature| The program operates two hubs based out of two hospitals with overlapping catchment areas, allowing the program to cover a wider geographic catchment area.

Leadership| Shauna Tierney, MD

Web site|

Media coverage| Times Colonist

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