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MGH staff caring for a patient in their home

Name of the program| Home Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital

Health system| Partners HealthCare

When established| 2017

Enrollment milestones| Over 450 patients enrolled since the program started

Core services| Acute care at home

Population served| Adults 18 year and older that that meet clinical and operational guidelines

Area served| Greater Boston area

Outcomes or successes| ~30% of admissions over the past 12 months came from a pre-Emergency Department, ambulatory setting (thus avoiding both Emergency Department visit and hospitalization)

Unique feature| Recent expansion to post-surgical population

Leadership| Ryan Thompson (Medical Director), Cindy Yu (Associate Medical Director), Dana Sheer (Nursing Lead), Avital DeSharone (Program Manager)

Web site|

Public resources| Mass General Home Hospital video

Contact information|

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