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Name of the program| Saint Thomas Health Home Recovery

Health system| Saint Thomas Health

When established| Late 2019

Enrollment milestones| On target for ~ 50 admissions during first year

Core services| Acute care services at home, including for CHF, pneumonia, AKI, diverticulitis, COPD, et al. A dedicated group of 7 hospitalists provide telehealth rounding coverage on off days using the Vivify telehealth platform with electronic stethoscope. Acute care RNs provide a minimum of 2 in-home visits a day. Typical patient stays in acute phase are 3 to 5 days with continued monitoring for a total of 30 days to prevent unneeded ED visits or hospitalization.

Population served| Adults greater than 18 years of age

Area served| Middle Tennessee

Unique feature| The program hopes to expand to a post-acute care model as a SNF replacement during the next year.

Leadership| Dr. Bryan Ward

Contact information| Dr. Bryan Ward — 615-284-4672

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