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Hospital at Home Users Group™ Webinar Series

The Hospital at Home Users Group™ — in partnership with the American Academy of Home Care Medicine and American Hospital Association and with funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation — has created these webinars to provide practical information for hospitals and health systems looking to participate in the recent Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Acute Hospital Care at Home initiative.

Past Events

Hospital at Home for Cancer Care: Current Innovations, Opportunities, and Challenges

Recorded December 14, 2021 In recent months, at least six U.S. health systems and cancer centers have launched or formulated plans for Hospital at Home (HaH) programs focused on cancer…

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By the Numbers: Financial Models, Value Propositions, and Projections for the Next Generation of Hospital at Home Programs

Recorded September 28, 2021 In this session, Tom Kiesau of The Chartis Group will share perspectives on how a health system should approach developing the financial model around its hospital…

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Looking Ahead – Hospital at Home Beyond the Public Health Emergency

Recorded June 29, 2021 The CMS waiver that established the Acute Hospital Care at Home program and set off a dramatic expansion of hospital at home programs across the country…

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Finding Your People: Issues in Patient Identification, Referral, & Recruitment

Recorded May 18, 2021 Building from the experience of two leading programs, this webinar explored the full range of patient policies and procedures that serve as core elements of a…

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Mastering Meds: Exploring Approaches to Pharmacy in Hospital at Home

Recorded March 30, 2021 This webinar focuses on a topic raised time and again by Hospital at Home User Group™ members — how to best structure and integrate pharmacy services…

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How Are We Doing? Evaluating Hospital at Home Quality and Safety

Recorded February 23, 2021 Monitoring your hospital at home program’s performance and integrity is central to its short- and long-term sustainability. Reporting on key metrics, for example around escalation and…

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On Time, Every Time: Delivering Hospital at Home Ancillary Services

Recorded February 16, 2021 Delivering a variety of ancillary services is a key requirement of the CMS Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver program, and new and existing programs must…

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Efficient, Effective, Excellent: Issues in Hospital at Home Logistics and Operations

Recorded February 9, 2021 Drawing from examples at Huntsman in Utah and in other locales, this webinar examined best practices for ensuring that hospital at home programs can organize and…

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Tech Matters: Building the Right Digital Platform for Your Hospital at Home Program

Recorded February 2, 2021 Providing lessons from two well-established programs in Boston, this webinar will focus on the technology decisions hospital at home efforts must make and how these tech…

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Who’s In? Who’s Out? Deciding Which Patients Are Right for Your Hospital at Home Program

Recorded January 28, 2021 This webinar covered what to consider when setting eligibility and exclusion criteria for your hospital at home program, including examples to illustrate key design principles and…

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